Summer teleworking from abroad at DG FISMA

Following Generation 2004’s constructive note to Mr John BERRIGAN, Director-General of DG FISMA, on a too strict interpretation of the DG HR rule allowing teleworking from your “home country” during the summer period , we are glad to inform that DG FISMA has decided to change its position, something we very much appreciated.

In a message recently circulated to FISMA’s staff, a restriction not intended by the general DG HR policy was introduced:

Importantly as well, [the rule on teleworking away from your place of residence and employment] applies to teleworking from your country of origin only (not from other countries).

In the note Generation 2004 had pointed out that:

the geographical location to country of origin applies only in cases where quarantine rules are still in place. However, in cases of a specific family circumstance where parents need support from their family to take care of their children the guide refers to “living abroad

In the reply to our note, DG FISMA also informed us that any prior decisions following the announcement of the restrictive rule have been revised and that a clarification on the rule would be issued during the next “FISMA TV” video and not by email. FISMA staff, stay tuned!

As for the rest of the Commission, we are not aware of any other similar situations but if you believe your DG is interpreting this or any other rules is a too restrictive way, please let us know.

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