TAXUD’s Alarming Decline in Staff Well-being: Our efforts have paid off!

In our article of 10 April 2024, Generation 2004 had raised concerns about well-being of staff in DG TAXUD and proposed many actions to enhance our colleagues’ working conditions.  We are happy to announce that our efforts have contributed to draw the attention of Senior Management on the issue.

TAXUD Director General has responded by ensuring that the following actions are being implemented:

  • The analysis of the initial results from the HR Staff survey has been initiated.  It is done on a Directorate per Directorate basis and horizontally at the Senior Management and Middle-Management levels and additional consultation of staff will take place with the support of DG HR.
  • Since 2022, several significant initiatives aimed at improving staff’s mental well-being have been undertaken. DG TAXUD have cooperated very closely with the Commission’s Psychosocial service in order to support their staff.
  • Substantial efforts to improve the diversity and inclusion in the DG were made, by implementing a robust work plan with an active TAXUD Equality network (1) . With a full support of the Senior Management team (2).
  • In 2023, TAXUD Mental Well-being Plan was already put in place.

DG TAXUD Senior Management acknowledged that the results of the recent Staff Survey call for further actions and has assured Generation 2004 that they will consider our proposal on five areas of action and incorporate them in their internal consultations.

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(1)  Examples of recent initiatives:

Join Our Diversity Month Campaign: Microaggression Survey (

“From gender balance to inclusive teams & cultures”: a panel discussion with Gabriella FRANCIS from TAXUD. (


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