A national-insurance card for colleagues in the Netherlands

If you work for the Commission in the Netherlands, you might have had some problems in the past with your health care, due to the lack of a health-insurance card. This results in additional costs for JSIS members, e.g. the “passantentarief” when you are not registered with a general practitioner (GP) and, since the JSIS does not issue a Dutch health-insurance card, you simply could not register with a practitioner.
In order to remedy this problem, the PMO has negotiated with a Dutch health insurer, CZ. The resulting agreement should guarantee a non-discriminatory treatment of JSIS beneficiaries under primary cover. Please note that the agreement does not apply to beneficiaries under top-up cover (they should already have a health-insurance card from their primary cover).

Update 05/10/2020: Following enquiries by colleagues, we have reached out to PMO to clarify who exactly is eligible for the CZ card at the moment. Right now, the CZ card is limited to active colleagues and pensioners who reside themselves in the Netherlands (and their family, if they reside in the Netherlands as well). Once the new system is running smoothly, PMO might consider extending the card to cases like staff members not residing in the Netherlands but whose children reside and study in the Netherlands. We will keep you informed.

How does it work?

First, as a JSIS member, you have freedom of choice when it comes to your health-care provider (read: doctor (GP)). Therefore, you can freely choose whether you want to obtain a health-insurance card via CZ. If you do not request the card, everything stays for you as it is now.
If you decide that you want the CZ card, you can contact any CZ agreed healthcare provider in the Netherlands. As CZ has negotiated rates with these providers, the fees are substantially lower and, since you have to pay 15%-20% of these fees yourself, you will save money (as will JSIS, of course). You will receive the same treatment as any other CZ member.
One aspect of the Dutch healthcare system is that you should register with a GP: your GP is your entry point into the healthcare system. The GP receives a certain sum each quarter for each patient registered there, the so-called abonnementskosten or inschrijftarief. As part of the CZ card agreement, the JSIS will reimburse this quarterly amount.
However, the JSIS rules continue to apply whenever a specific procedure is required. So if a treatment requires prior authorisation today, you will still need prior authorisation in the future; even where CZ does not require prior authorisation for the same treatment.


The way the reimbursement works will change. CZ will pay 100% of each invoice that it receives for you. Then, JSIS will reimburse these costs to CZ and will in turn deduct your part of it (15%-20%) from your salary or pension payments. Depending on the amount, this is either deducted all at once, or (for larger sums) spread over a period of time (a so-called recovery plan). The advantage for you is that you no longer need to pay 100% up-front. Please note that the reimbursement by JSIS will still be subject to JSIS ceilings.
If you are on a time-limited contract, the end of your contract normally corresponds with the end of your JSIS coverage. Hence, the CZ cover expires at this point as well.


The above scheme is only applicable in the Netherlands. The CZ card is not a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) and you cannot use it outside the Netherlands. Therefore, when you travel, the usual JSIS rules will still apply, including the standard reimbursement procedure.

How to get the card

The CZ card is personalised, so you have to ask for a card for each of your dependents who have primary cover via JSIS. As already mentioned, the CZ scheme is not available for beneficiaries with top-up cover, as they should already have a health insurance card via their primary cover.

Please remember that if there are any issues related to the (non-) reimbursement of medical costs we are there for you. You can contact us via our email.
You can apply for the CZ card via the JSIS online:
Go to “My Preferences” and choose “My Affiliation to External Insurance”.

On the following screen, you need to push the “Request” button for each family member with primary cover residing in the Netherlands.

Then, you can actually subscribe to the external primary insurance offered via CZ:

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