Contract Agents (follow up)

Generation 2004 has participated actively together with other Staff Organisations in the recent Social Dialogues concerning Contract Agents (technical consultation on the new general implementing provisions = GIPs and administrative consultation on the unemployment benefit scheme).

In parallel, Generation 2004 has closely monitored the quantitative evolution of the various staff categories. In particular, we don’t agree with the increasing number of contractual staff members used for permanent tasks in the EU public service. According to our last CA conference and individual consultations with contract staff, this practice seems to be more and more common, it is even judged by most to have become an everyday practice in the EU Institutions.

The 2004 reform of the Staff Regulation in the European Union increased the number of CAs very significantly, from 1.500 CAs in 2004 to more than 7000 CAs in 2017. As result, the balances of the EU Unemployment Benefit Scheme for CAs, TAs and Assistants in the European Parliament is not evolving as initially planned and DG HR now claims that new complementary measures are needed to fill the funding gap.

According to HR’s new proposal, an increase in the contribution rate for the unemployment fund is inevitable. Practically, it implies that CAs will have to pay more to the fund (+0,1 percentage point at this stage, but probably much more in the future) to ensure the sustainability of the fund.

During the discussions with DG HR, Generation 2004 has instead highlighted the importance of revising the EU Staff Policy and the importance of reflecting on the status of the future Public Service. Fiddling with the contribution rates of precarious staff members is not the way out of the trap that the current staff policy is leading us to.

If you are a precarious staff member and need to ask for advice or feedback, to express a complaint or a concern, to raise awareness for a problematic situation, to ask for resolution to an internal dispute or conflict or to make suggestions for change, please don’t hesitate and contact us here.

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