We are visiting Ispra & Seville staff this February!

We are visiting ISPRA staff on 1 & 2 February!!

G2004 aims to achieve a unified European Public Service that is based on fair, just and motivating employment conditions and that is respected for its efficiency, effectiveness and the equal opportunities it offers to all employees of the EU institutions. We denounce the systematic legal and practical discrimination of post-2004 staff and post-2014 staff vis-a-vis their pre-2004 peers.

Łukasz Wardyn, the President of the Brussels Local Staff Committee and Lorella Cattaruzza, Secretary General of the Central Staff Committee are coming to visit the staff in Ispra. Both are leading members of G2004. They will host two lunch-time meetings open to all staff.

The first meeting will take place on Thursday 1 February at 12:30, in IPR-Room 03.

We will inform you about:

  • recent developments of the promotion system,
  • AST careers and certification and,
  • the planned reform of the staff representation.

Of course, any other topic that you might want to discuss can be raised during the meeting.

The second meeting on issues that are specific to Contract Agents will take place on Friday 2 February at 12:30, in IPR-Room 01 Amphithea also in collaboration with Katarzyna Radomska-T’Seyen.

We will:

  • briefly explain recent changes to the Implementing rules and;
  • highlight JRC-specific concerns for CAs and possible solutions.

Advice to Contract Agents will also be provided on a personal basis and in all confidentiality. Please contact us here to set-up an appointment.

As we will be providing sandwiches and beverages for the 2 lunchtime events, please confirm your participation here so we can plan ahead.

We are also visiting SEVILLE staff on 8 & 9 February!!

Łukasz Wardyn, Lorella Cattaruzza and Katarzyna Radomska-T’Seyen are also visiting the staff in Seville. They will also host two lunch-time meetings open to all staff with the same agenda as the meetings in Ispra. More information about the location of the meetings will be sent to Seville staff soon.

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