Newsletter #26 – Jan 2018

The multiannual financial framework, MFF, 2021-2027

2018 is the year for the Commission to draft and negotiate the next multiannual financial framework starting on 1 January 2021 for a 7-year period.

Commissioner Oettinger is working with his team and with the involved Commission services to present the proposal officially to the Member States in May 2018. In the first working week in January a conference with the involvement of the Member States’ highest political level took place in Brussels to set the scene. Continue reading The multiannual financial framework, MFF, 2021-2027

Pascal Le Grand appointed as new Chair of G2004

The Management Board of G2004 has appointed Pascal Le Grand as the new Chair of the organization.

Born in France, Pascal has spent most of his professional life abroad, including working for the Commission in Brussels during the past 10 years. He is a scientist by training. Being one of the founding members of Generation 2004, he will ensure continuity of our action and use his experience of the institutions to make sure that the gap between privileged staff and staff recruited after 2004, including temporary staff, does not grow further. Pascal and the Board of Generation 2004 thank the former Chair, Lyubomira (Mira) Nesheva for her contribution to the organisation. Mira will remain on the Board of Generation 2004 and an active member. Continue reading Pascal Le Grand appointed as new Chair of G2004

We are visiting Ispra & Seville staff this February!

We are visiting ISPRA staff on 1 & 2 February!!

G2004 aims to achieve a unified European Public Service that is based on fair, just and motivating employment conditions and that is respected for its efficiency, effectiveness and the equal opportunities it offers to all employees of the EU institutions. We denounce the systematic legal and practical discrimination of post-2004 staff and post-2014 staff vis-a-vis their pre-2004 peers. Continue reading We are visiting Ispra & Seville staff this February!

Contract Agents (follow up)

Generation 2004 has participated actively together with other Staff Organisations in the recent Social Dialogues concerning Contract Agents (technical consultation on the new general implementing provisions = GIPs and administrative consultation on the unemployment benefit scheme).

In parallel, Generation 2004 has closely monitored the quantitative evolution of the various staff categories. In particular, we don’t agree with the increasing number of contractual staff members used for permanent tasks in the EU public service. According to our last CA conference and individual consultations with contract staff, this practice seems to be more and more common, it is even judged by most to have become an everyday practice in the EU Institutions. Continue reading Contract Agents (follow up)

Threatening bankruptcy of MEP’s pensions Fund

The German magazine Der Spiegel published recently an article about the upcoming collapse of the pensions Fund for the Members of the European Parliament. This Fund was created in 1990 in order to offer MEP’s pension rights and closed finally in 2009 when the regulation for MEP’s came into force which provided MEP’s for uniform pension rights and pensions without prior contributions payed by the budget of the European Parliament.

The Fund has a value of € 146,4m but it has payment obligations for MEP’s pensions of € 472,6m which makes a deficit of € 326,2m. The Funds shall go bankrupt 2024 or at the latest 2026. The deficit must be paid by the budget of the European Parliament, ergo by the European taxpayers. The estimations were slightly different from today’s reality….

Polish event supported by Generation 2004

By doing what is right! By doing what is needed!

Generation 2004 for the first time this year supported The Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity The Charity event took place in Brussels, on 12 January in the Aloft hotel where many of Polish EU staff members together with their families and friends participated in a charity auction.

Generation 2004 donated a romantic trip to Paris for 2 persons.

A member’s personal experience on settling the individual entitlements with PMO!

This nice story happened to one of our members. His experience demonstrates that one should not give up when facing difficulties with DG HR or PMO. There are plenty of excuses to cut the entitlements of newcomers. If you need advice we are there to help you!

The Original Story:

Shortly after my entry into service and before receiving the first salary, I did not know yet the allowances I was going to receive. To avoid surprises, I checked once again the Staff Regulations, and then I asked by email the PMO office to receive an allowance to which I believed to be entitled. This simple act started a process that took more than one year to

Firstly, PMO refused to grant the requested allowance, as one document related to my work history seemed to contradict my request. However, the contradiction was only apparent, and I clarified it by providing an additional document, which removed any doubt about my status. PMO remained silent for some months and then, following my reminders, asked me to provide additional dedicated letters from all my previous employers.

Even though I considered that my status was already proven by the abundant documentation provided to Human Resources during the recruitment process, I contacted my previous employers and obtained the requested letters stating, unquestionably, my status and working conditions. When I forwarded to PMO these documents, I was certain to have fulfilled the requirements and completed the procedure. However, PMO spotted that, according to one document, for few weeks within a period of many years my status was not clearly in line with what is indicated in the Staff regulations, which at this regard uses a term that is not fully defined and remains open to interpretation. Hence, PMO quickly rejected my request and closed the case, regardless of my objections.

I felt that the decision was not fair as my request was denied for a peculiar interpretation of a generic term in the Staff regulations but, according to common sense, the request was indeed legitimate. I brought my case to the Mediation Service and the staff association ‘Generation 2004’, where I received professional support and learned more about my rights. I submitted an official complaint according to the Article 90 of the Staff Regulations, and I made PMO aware that my case was closely followed by representatives of Generation 2004. After these actions, PMO suddenly changed their decision and accepted my request, giving no further explanations.

This process cost a substantial amount of time and energy to the people involved, but moreover it confused me, as my request was eventually accepted only after I made an official complaint and involved the Mediation Service and Generation 2004, and not because I provided new information. Yet, I was pleased to find out that within the EC there are procedures and Institutions that can (try to) safeguard the rights of the employees – if they are aware of them and use them properly and timely!

G2004 member