Pensions Conference

The conference about Pensions was organised by Generation 2004 on 20 February 2018. It consisted in a detailed presentation and answering many questions from the audience. This lunch-time conference is the third large public event organised by Generation 2004 after the “Dos & Don’ts of Self-appraisal & Appeals Conference” organised in January 2018.

The agenda was as follows:

  • Pension Liability
  • Pensions and Heading V of the EU budget
  • Transfers of pension rights
  • Contract Agents 3b and Temporary Agents

The lunch-time conference brought together a large number of attendees in Brussels and several hundred participants from many sites through web-streaming.

This conference was repeated in Ispra on 1 March 2018 by Pascal Le Grand himself with video connection with Geel, Seville and Karlsruhe.

If you have missed the conference, it’s not too late as it was recorded and available here. You can also access the presentation here.

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