Goldman Sachs, the bank that runs the world

An interesting video from ARTE about Goldman Sachs’ influence on the EU: A bank which rules the world……

As of the 57th minute it is about Goldman Sachs and the EU and as of 63rd minute you will see which current or former EU leaders are interdependent from that bank:

The Vimeo video is only available in French but it is available with English subtitles on Netflix. (note: Netflix is a paying on-demand video streaming service):

Commissioner Katainen has probably not seen this video, otherwise he would not have accepted to meet Mr. Barroso, now employed by Goldman Sachs, in a hotel in Brussels, would he?

The ball is in the camp of President Juncker, not much we can do as civil servants to put an end to this kind of practice.

However, the Barroso issue is just the visible part of the iceberg. Many former senior managers in the Commission land lucrative jobs in the private sector after having worked for the Commission. Their activities, labelled “external activities” in DG HR’s jargon, are supposed to be approved by one of the many joint committees set-up by DG HR. However, this committee has to deal with all sorts of requests for external activities, including the requests of the unfortunate CA3bs whose contracts have reached an end and have to look for a new job to feed their families. As a result, the committee is swamped under a large number of requests and does not have the resources to investigate the requests that really matter, i.e. the requests of former senior managers. Generation 2004 alerted DG HR during a recent social dialogue on this issue but with no success. DG HR does not seem to be concerned with this problem. Maybe Commissioner Oettinger would now be willing to reopen the issue after the bad publicity for the Commission created by M. Barroso?

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