Generation 2004 is growing in Delegations! Be a part of the process, join us!

In 2018 Generation 2004 first ventured into the uncharted territory of Delegations with the aspiration to understand and share the problems and challenges in Delegations for all categories of colleagues.

We have increased our representation in the Commission Staff committee from 1 seat to 3 seats in the 2021 election and we are progressing to produce a competent team of staff representative candidates for the European External Action Service (EEAS) staff committee as well.

We therefore would like to invite you enthusiastically, energetically and warmly to join Generation 2004 as our member.  As a member, you would be able to:

  • enjoy the advisory/consultancy services for all staff members you encounter on a daily basis;
  • be a candidate as a staff representative of EEAS and Commission staff committee election (Upcoming EEAS staff committee is scheduled in late 2022);
  • participate in our general assembly and decide together with us the strategy of Generation 2004;
  • be a candidate in our internal structures such as the steering committee and the board, in order to have more influence in the overall work of Generation 2004;

This is high time for staff representation and associations to be active and to influence staff matters.  This is the time where working patterns will change, infrastructure policy will change and the entire Human resources strategy is under change.  We need the most important element in the functioning of a staff association – Staff, to be involved and active, so that we achieve what we wish to achieve.

Come join us or send us an email, we’re here for you!

Kind regards,

Your Generation 2004 team

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