HR key figures 2020

If you ever wondered about the numbers of staff working for the European Commissionor if you would just like to satisfy your curiosity about how many colleagues of your nationality work in our institutionthen we have the answers for you. 

The HR Key Figures 2020 report is now out. It’s perhaps not as visible as it should be, but it’s still not well enough hidden in the HR intranet site to escape our notice, we bring to your attention this one-page document with statistics on staff, which already says enough to allow us to arrive at some conclusions, especially when compared with the previous years numbers.

More interesting is the function group chart which is clearly showing a long never-ending trend of assistant (AST) group (7 824colleagues) being reduced with more and more contract agents  (CAs) (7 478colleagues (22.8% of total staff)) replacing those posts [1].

The rise is assistant/secretaries and clerks (AST/SC) is constant and it has reached the all-time high with 739 AST/SC colleagues.

On the other hand, the administrator (AD) grade reached a new all-time high with 13638 colleagues on the mentioned grade. The slight increase of Local Staff can now also be considered a general and ongoing trend. However, the only thing we might cheer is the 2/3 drop of new special-adviser posts createdIt went down from 66 in 2019 to 22 in year 2020. However, at Generation 2004 headquarters, being the suspicious lot that we are, we fear this may just be a temporary situation, which will promptly be corrected and readjusted. 

For the sake of curiosity10% of all Commission colleagues work for DG International Cooperation and Development (DEVCO): still the largest DG in the European Commission. On the other side, the Task Force for Relations with the United Kingdom (UKTF) with 53 people or 0.2% of Commission colleagues is the smallest but still does a great job navigating these turbulent Brexit times. 


[1] As of October 2020, officials are 63.84% of Commission staff

Officials: 20 933
Temporary staff: 1 745
Contract staff: 7 428
Others: 2 685
Total: 32 791

(DG HR, Statistical Bulletin – HR – 1/10/2020: Staff by Employment Type and Directorate-General)

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