Newsletter #22 – May 2017

Post-reform Equal Pay Day

Post-reform Equal Pay Day is a reminder of the unequal pay conditions affecting everyone who joined the European Institutions after the Kinnock Reform of 1 May 2004. The latest reform that took effect on 1 January 2014 has only made matters worse by introducing complications in the career structure, and by lowering the entry salary once again; more and more CA staff are employed at ever lower salaries (see article page 1); the new category of AST/SC, and the ensuing confusion generated by the automatic conversion of AST posts to AST/SC posts, puts new employees in a financially precarious situation while confusing and frustrating AST staff who suddenly find themselves sitting on AST/SC posts. Continue reading Post-reform Equal Pay Day


Join the G2004 discussion!

Some see Brexit as a sign to build the EU – and the EU civil service – stronger and better.

Others see it as yet another opportunity to cut pay and conditions for staff.

One thing is clear, Brexit affects everyone.

Generation 2004 is planning to organise a discussion session on 16 May to take stock of the situation and to identify the most burning issues on which we need to intervene in the coming months.  If you would like to be part of the G2004 Brexit discussion then send an email to: REP PERS OSP GENERATION 2004. We will get back to you with details of how to take part. Continue reading BREXIT

DG TRANSLATION: Kids of a lesser god or just the preview of the EC of the future?

Since 2004 the European Union has massively increased in population, number of Member States and languages, and has further expanded its activities in various domains too. In order to cope with this new challenge, the Commission’s administration has increased its staff albeit not in direct proportion to the population increase, thus striking a wise balance between new duties and the budgetary possibilities.

The budgetary effort, though, took a very heavy toll on all newcomers, those who now must sadly bear the labels Generation 2004 and Generation 2014 staff. Our salary conditions, pension perspectives, career structure, precariousness of working status and very reasonable fringe pre-2004 benefits were affected adversely by two subsequent reforms of the Staff Regulations in 2004 and 2014. Continue reading DG TRANSLATION: Kids of a lesser god or just the preview of the EC of the future?

CA Dossier: Is the current situation sustainable?

As mentioned in our communication sent at the beginning of April, Generation 2004 is disappointed by the outcome of the Conciliation meeting that took place on 6 April to discuss the General Implementing Rules of the Staff Regulations for Contract Agents. You might wonder why we give so much importance to these negotiations. After all, one could argue that they are only about implementing rules, not about the future of the EU civil service. However, we do see a direct link here, because we sense this is part of a silent revolution that replaces more and more permanent officials with Contract Agents so that according to our estimates by 2030 non-permanent staff with precarious contracts will represent more than half of all the staff of the institutions. The most striking data about this creeping change come from the annual reports of our sickness scheme (the latest one covering the year 2015 – available on demand). Continue reading CA Dossier: Is the current situation sustainable?