Newsletter editorial – 28-09-2020

After a good, albeit strange summer break, the Generation 2004 newsletter is back.

In this issue we will report on the reply we got on a note we sent to DG INGESTAD where we raised concerns over negative discrimination against Contract Agents and  ASTs who were not allowed to participate in the recently launched internal competitions. As it turns out… as usual… we were “wrong” and there is no such thing as discrimination in the Commission… On a loosely related topic, we have analysed the participation and inclusion, or lack thereof, of JRC AST colleagues into the AD certification exercise for ASTs. Yet again, absolutely no discrimination, which, in this instance, actually generates discrimination itself…

We also keep covering the CHAFEA debacle and the potential for the huge brain drain that may result from the undergoing relocation of the Executive Agency’s services to Brussels.

To end on a more positive note we will also cover the recent introduction of a national-insurance card for colleagues in the Netherlands and finally we cover the European Mobility week‘s most famous feature: its car-free Sunday, with an emphasis on how it happened in Brussels!

This is all for now and more will come soon, meanwhile, enjoy the reading!

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