Teleworkers need help

Mandatory teleworking has become the rule for thousands of colleagues in the Commission and it is likely to remain so for weeks if not months to come. Generation 2004 fully supports this measure in the interest of public health and the protection of staff, but we are also concerned that the measure may place a disproportionate burden on some staff.

Based on complaints we received we estimate that a large part of staff working from home has to do so using private IT equipment. Such equipment is often not fully suitable for the tasks staff has to perform, especially given the constraints under which the work has to take place­. Private IT equipment is also often shared with children for home-schooling and/or other household members. In many situations, even corporate equipment that may break is difficult to replace. In addition, some colleagues may also have to bear higher telecommunication costs since they have to use their private phones for international calls or must upgrade internet connections to cope with the current needs.

Generation 2004, believes that it is the responsibility of the European Commission as employer to help staff working from home by all possible means and provide appropriate support, in particular under these exceptional circumstances. Generation 2004 has therefore asked DG HR to consider several actions and measures (ANNEX).

While we are aware of the resources required to implement these measures, we are convinced that the money would be well spent to improve the productivity of staff and address some potential health concerns.

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