Thank you Luxembourg!

Thank you for placing your trust in us! This has been a remarkable election: it has finished on time, meeting the original deadline without any need for an extension and it’s the first time that a woman-led couple has been the most elected in any Luxembourg election in living memory! Luxembourg, you are awesome! The result is even more meaningful in this, a very special year: we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Yes, we’re the youngest and biggest in the Commission as a whole and now you’ve confirmed that in Luxembourg with the 2022 local staff committee election results, making us the biggest here too.  Thanks to everyone who organised and everyone who participated in these elections, we couldn’t do it without you!

What happens now?

The candidate pair receiving the largest number of votes (Generation 2004) chairs the constituent meeting where all 5 lists have to agree and elect a local staff committee board (‘bureau’). There are 5 bureau places: 1 president, 2 vice-presidents and 2 secretaries. The new president then takes over and the whole committee then elects the 7 pairs who will go to the Central Staff Committee (CSC).

So far, the constituent meeting was opened (13.12.2022) but there was no final agreement. The next available date (20.12.2022) did not have enough people present (13 pairs, when 14 is the minimum (‘quorum’)) and so the meeting should reconvene 10.01.2023, all going well.

In the meantime, the outgoing bureau and 7 CSC pairs continue as before: Luxembourg continues to be represented in all committees and discussions. Here are the Luxembourg LSC rules.

The results

We have increased our percentage of the vote (26.36%) in comparison to 2019 (25.9%) and, thanks to the change in rules, this means we will have 6 out of the available 20 seats in the local staff committee instead of 2.

  1. ‘Ensemble pour Luxembourg’ is Union syndicale fédérale Luxembourg (USF-L)
  2. Union for Unity (U4U)
  3. ‘Luxembourg United’ is Solidarité Européenne (R&D Luxembourg) and FFPE
  4. ‘USL reinforced by the Independents’ is USL and TAO-The Independents
  5. Generation 2004

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