Newsletter – 2022-12-19

Newsletter editorial – 19-12-2022

Welcome to this, the 17th and final edition of the Generation 2004 Newsletter for 2022. We wish you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year with a message from our chair. Generation 2004 is now 10 years old and we are happy with the most recent election results.  We share a potential quick fix for those with internal-competition language issues and we look at the additional and unreported costs related to the renewal of the laissez-passer. Our Harassment Watch Network colleagues have a new publication to coincide with the new anti-harassment framework and we provide an update on DG GROW. As ever, we proposed an end-of-year checklist for you and an invitation to our event on drafting your self-evaluation. In other news, our contract agent colleague has won his case against the Commission, well done! The Commission was wrong to apply the poast-2014 pension accrual and retirement age on him (‘Picard case’).  HR has now shared draft general guidelines to the Working Time and Hybrid Working (WTHW) decision.

Enjoy the reading and get in touch if you believe we can help!

Internal competitions – excluded again?

Last month DG HR published several long-awaited internal competitions. If you are eligible, Generation 2004 is happy for you. However, if you are one of those that cannot apply even though you have been working for our institution for many years, do not lose your faith. We are aware of this problem and will continue fighting against this discrimination even though there are fast careers for some. 

Many colleagues were already in a similar situation last year when we encouraged them to apply even if they were not ‘eligible’, for reason as wide as:  Continue reading Internal competitions – excluded again?

10 years: look how far we’ve come!

Generation 2004 is 10 years old! What started with a petition in 2011 is, since at least 2020,  the largest single trade union or staff association (OSP) in the Commission. Thank you for the trust you have placed in us with your engagement and with your votes! You have given us the encouragement, support and energy to be your voice and to raise your issues in all possible discussions and domains.  We could not have come this far without you and we appreciate your input, examples and ideas on how to make the European public service fair, just and motivating. Our mission remains unchanged, we’re here for you! Continue reading 10 years: look how far we’ve come!

DG GROW: Reorganisation? Maladministration? Or how to pave the way for…what?

Our institution as well as our working and private lives have, in the recent past, undergone substantial change. So much so that the word reorganisation stopped soliciting any surprise. We are used to it and it happens everywhere and at reasonably regular intervals, such as before the arrival of a new Commission or Cabinets: the outgoing one might look to perhaps reshuffle things in order to accommodate their loyal staff within the services of the Commission. Continue reading DG GROW: Reorganisation? Maladministration? Or how to pave the way for…what?

We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

This is a very special moment for Generation 2004: we are celebrating not only our 10-year anniversary, but also our 6 seats in the Luxembourg local staff committee elections, Villmols merci, Luxembourg! We’re the youngest and biggest in the Commission as a whole. Thank you for placing your trust in us: we continue to raise your issues and fight on your side, even in this fast-changing, spontaneous and hybrid ‘new normal’, we are always here for you! Continue reading We wish you a merry Christmas and a happy and healthy New Year!

Laissez-passer renewal unnecessarily complicated and expensive?

Generation 2004 has been contacted by many colleagues serving outside the territory of the European Union regarding the issue of renewing their service passport (‘laissez-passer’ (LP)). While for the issuing of this document (e.g. for a new start in a new country (‘posting’)) the associated travel costs are met by the services, the same is not true for the renewal. Continue reading Laissez-passer renewal unnecessarily complicated and expensive?

Help! My languages are in the wrong order!

*Update 10.01.2023 check out HR report 2020, p. 94: these court cases this stopped EPSO from limiting external competitions to the 3 procedural languages. Could this be of use?* *Update 22.12.2022, HR refused many of the requests to change language order, but provided no legal basis for doing so. We saw only ‘administrative practice’ or an unidentified distinction between Temporary Agents (TAs) and officials cited as reasons. We are preparing an Article 90(2) template for you to challenge the refusal (this could be important for future competitions). The text is written and is being reviewed by those with legal training. There is no rush, you have up to 3 months submit the paperwork.*

Continue reading Help! My languages are in the wrong order!

A new publication: workplace bullying and harassment

*18.01.2023 thanks to the colleague who drew our attention to a new tool available (in French only) in Belgium.*

*Update 21.12.2022 HR have shared the first draft of the new anti-harassment framework at 15:17 today, the second-last working day of the year, with a plan to (re)start the corresponding social dialogue (SD) 12.01.2023.

Our colleagues in the Harassment Watch Network (HWN) have published yet another study on bullying at the Commission, this time a collection of personal stories recounting the toxic situations lived and endured by our co-workers, our team mates, our collaborators. As mentioned in our recent event on this topic: we’d like to see the real-life examples presented in  My Commission Calvary: Testimonies of harassment at the European Commission put through the forthcoming new anti-harassment framework (decision, action plan and guide, 25.10.2022 summary) to ensure it deals with them better than the current decision C(2006) 1624/3, because if the new decision is not significantly better than the 2006 edition, what is the point? Continue reading A new publication: workplace bullying and harassment

Thank you Luxembourg!

Thank you for placing your trust in us! This has been a remarkable election: it has finished on time, meeting the original deadline without any need for an extension and it’s the first time that a woman-led couple has been the most elected in any Luxembourg election in living memory! Luxembourg, you are awesome! The result is even more meaningful in this, a very special year: we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary. Continue reading Thank you Luxembourg!

End of year checklist: December 2022

We encourage you to rest and to recharge your batteries during the end-of-year days: this is not an opportunity to get work done!  Please, as far as you can, switch off your devices, mute notifications and disconnect: take the time for you.  Why not already schedule your out-of-the-office message in Outlook today? It’s one thing you can score off your end-of-year ‘to do’ list. We present a list of suggestions here in no particular order. Please feel free to get in touch to add to this list if you’d like to share what works for you!

Continue reading End of year checklist: December 2022