Thanks for your support for colleagues in Afghanistan!

Thanks very much to the colleagues who joined our petition and expressed their support and solidarity. We acknowledge also the huge effort made by the European External Action Service (EEAS) and the Commission to provide information and updates in this very extreme situation : they reacted quickly to sort through the avalanche of information they received and take appropriate action.

There were some 400 staff plus their families caught up in this political situation and from news outlets we know that more than 500 were evacuated. We know that even contractor staff were taken care of : this is very much appreciated and goes beyond what was expected, well done and thank you very much indeed !

In this crisis everyone did their best to do their part.  We see that staff representatives, trade unions and staff associations and Commission DGs have all worked in the same direction in the interests  and safety of staff.  While we very much hope that this sort of crisis is never repeated, we can see that  this is also a really good opportunity to learn lessons and to evaluate the response : we are sure all entities are now much better equipped to face future challenges.  Thank you President von der Leyen, thank you EEAS and thank you to the Commission and the crisis response units set up to address this sudden situation.

The future of our colleagues is important, particularly after this trauma.  We hope EEAS can further support those affected by putting measures in place to offer assistance, not just financial but also those relating to the humanity aspect of this crisis.  Evacuated staff are now in uncertainty about their future and extremely likely to be in an uneasy situation financially.  We invite the EEAS to push for as much flexibility as possible in all related HR matters.

We are, together with our elected staff reps, always available to with out constructive solutions !

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