A difficult Easter for DG SCIC staff?

DG Interpretation (SCIC) colleagues contacted us recently to have more clarity about working-time arrangements for the Easter holidays.

There are more restrictive leave-management rules in place at DG SCIC in general, for example the need to announce changes to a leave schedule 2 months in advance. In light of the current situation, Generation 2004 asked DG SCIC to allow for more flexibility over the Easter period (23.3.2021, note to Mr. Alegria, acting general director), in line with DG HR guidelines for all Commission services. We received a response (24.3.2021) stating ‘… line managers have been requested to take into account the current specific circumstances and to show increased flexibility to take into account personal and family circumstances. In this regard, DG HR has cancelled all deadlines linked to the registration of requests for leave or working arrangements. Staff members can register a last minute request, when necessary.’ [*]

Similar measures were adopted last year in DG SCIC, to grant more flexibility in view of the impact of the pandemic.

Feel free to contact us if you have any comments or if you experience any issue with your working-time arrangements either in DG SCIC or elsewhere in the Commission, we know that the rules are not always applied evenly.

[*] Bold is not present in the original.

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