More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2022?

*Deadline is Tuesday 31 January 2023*

*18.01.2023, we are deeply disappointed to see that the sysper automation has not (yet) happened. Please don’t miss out! Request those days! We have written an updated note for HR asking for their estimated timeline for this agreed automation.*

Dear colleagues, we wish you a happy and healthy start to 2023 and ask for your help! We are unable to verify whether our requested sysper change has been implemented.  If you were off sick for 20 work days or more as one absence in 2022 then you are entitled to transfer all of your annual leave (yes, >12 days, in this specific case it is a right), can you please check whether the days have been added to your 2023 quota (automation, yipee!) or whether the usual temporary button is present in sysper? If the button is there then please use it: it expires 31.01.2023 and it then becomes more complicated (but not impossible!) to recover these days.

Time management>leave rights>rights>Annual leave>Summary and click on the button ‘Leave carry-over request’.

If you’d like us to walk you through this then please get in touch.

For any of you with surplus days of annual leave for any other reason, please discuss with your line manager rather than just assume the days are lost. Please be aware of the options and make use of them, ‘use it or lose it‘ is very much in evidence at the Commission. A plan of when you intend to spend the days and a reason for having been unable to use them gives hierarchy the opportunity to be flexible and understanding. Here are the viable reasons for requesting those days be added to your 2023 quota (e.g. requirements of the service or  health reasons). Some 7 664 days of annual leave days were lost and not carried-over from 2020 to 2021: this is far from ideal [1].

For any other questions, do not hesitate to get in touch or leave a comment below.

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[1] Ms Ingestad note to the CSC 10.01.2022 (response to 30/11/2021(2021)7365504) provided this figure.

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