Certification: 5 days to appeal non-inclusion

Well done and good luck to the 100 colleagues selected for interview: you’ve come this far, keep up the hard work! To everyone else, you have the option of appealing your non-inclusion, essentially asking the Joint Certification Committee to have a second look at your file.  Who can appeal?  We count a potential 209 colleagues: the 194 colleagues whose application was considered eligible, but who were not selected for interview and the 15 colleagues whose application was not considered eligible. You can all appeal, but you must act fast. You have only 5 Commission working days starting from 05.01.2023. Please draft your text now!

Check any written feedback provided within your sysper certification file and use it as a basis for your appeal. If you have feedback from previous certification applications, check that too. Feedback can be found under calculations > selection for interview.

Please note that your appeal must be in the language you will use for certification (English/French). Check you have the button within sysper to start the formal process and to paste your appeal text once you have it ready.


Check out all of our articles on Certification to understand the process and the pitfalls.

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