Newsletter – 2023-01-09

Newsletter editorial – 09-01-2023

A very happy and healthy new year to you all and welcome to the first Generation 2004 Newsletter of 2023! We appreciate that this is a busy moment for you all: between getting back into the swing of things, writing your self-assessment and navigating the modified promotion/reclassification process (event, please join us!), sometimes there’s not much time left over to ensure that you’re not missing out on what is due to you. Nevertheless, please do take a moment to check your annual leave remaining from 2022 and the options open to you, please note also that you have 10 new days of teleworking from anywhere (TWA) for 2023, please try to make full use of them. For those of you who do not find your name on the Certification list, act fast, you still have time to appeal. We also ask for your assistance in our ongoing follow-up survey on utilities costs. We are looking for a colleague to join our team: please have a look!

So, that’s it for this first edition, thanks to all of you for your support, ideas and feedback: please keep it coming!

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy reading!

Generation 2004 is hiring!

*Deadline for application: Friday 20 January 2023 16.00 CET.*

Generation 2004 is the largest staff organisation in the Commission. We are a dynamic and motivated team of 16 colleagues who are highly committed to supporting staff in all HR-related matters. We are looking for a motivated colleague to join us. This would be a full-time job where you will be seconded from your service to Generation 2004.  Continue reading Generation 2004 is hiring!

Certification: 5 days to appeal non-inclusion

*Update 02.10.2023: the deadline for applications for the 2023/2024 edition is Friday 6 October 2023 at 23:59 (Brussels time).* Original article: Well done and good luck to the 100 colleagues selected for interview: you’ve come this far, keep up the hard work! To everyone else, you have the option of appealing your non-inclusion, essentially asking the Joint Certification Committee to have a second look at your file.  Who can appeal? We count a potential 209 colleagues: the 194 colleagues whose application was considered eligible, but who were not selected for interview and the 15 colleagues whose application was not considered eligible. You can all appeal, but you must act fast. You have only 5 Commission working days starting from 05.01.2023. Please draft your text now! Continue reading Certification: 5 days to appeal non-inclusion

More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2022?

*Deadline is Tuesday 31 January 2023*

*18.01.2023, we are deeply disappointed to see that the sysper automation has not (yet) happened. Please don’t miss out! Request those days! We have written an updated note for HR asking for their estimated timeline for this agreed automation.*

Dear colleagues, we wish you a happy and healthy start to 2023 and ask for your help! We are unable to verify whether our requested sysper change has been implemented.  If you were off sick for 20 work days or more as one absence in 2022 then you are entitled to transfer all of your annual leave (yes, >12 days, in this specific case it is a right), can you please check whether the days have been added to your 2023 quota (automation, yipee!) or whether the usual temporary button is present in sysper? If the button is there then please use it: it expires 31.01.2023 and it then becomes more complicated (but not impossible!) to recover these days. Continue reading More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2022?

2023 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

*Update 27.01.2023, we assisted 274 colleagues with their evaluation text. The link to register is no longer functional*

We found one more reason not to use the new option of transferring the report from the previous year: ad hoc input from panels and committees might need to be updated and the transfer does not allow for any modifications.

Also, here is the guidance that used to be available within sysper for the first 3 sections of the appraisal (please use Firefox or Edge). * Continue reading 2023 appraisal and promotion/reclassification exercises conference

Follow-up survey on teleworking utility bills

*Update 09.01.2023: the original survey had >1200 participants, this follow-up is not yet half way, please help to make this comparison survey representative! We need you!* As promised in October, we ask you to participate in this, our follow-up survey on the utility costs related to working from home in order to make a comparison with the answers you provided to our original survey (January 2021 – January 2022). We want to demonstrate any further change in costs: our first survey related to an expected increase in the consumption of energy but the issue now is related to Continue reading Follow-up survey on teleworking utility bills