Newsletter – 2022-11-29

Newsletter editorial – 29-11-2022

Welcome to this latest edition of the Generation 2004 newsletter. Generation 2004 again invites the Commission to show some flexibility in return for the exceptional flexibility shown by staff, the first step could be to pay the teleworking lump sum agreed in the new Working time decision. Please participate in our utilities bills survey: we want to compare results with last year’s survey to build a stronger case.

Generation 2004 lists the underwhelming ‘progress’ declared on the 12 actions for Luxembourg. Luxembourg colleagues, please vote!

We have managed to get a sysper error corrected, much to the relief of colleagues, let us know if you’d like us to check other worrying messages. We are pleased to note that helplines are available for HR, PMO and JSIS, please make use of them: don’t let these disappear in the next ‘use it or lose it’ round at the Commission.  We also outline the options remaining for those who were not reclassified/promoted this time round.

We have a number of free lunchtime events for you: on internal competitions, DGT/Translators, bullying/harassment,  contract agents and reclassification.

Enjoy the reading and get in touch if you believe we can help!

High time for the Commission to show flexibility!

*Update 14.12.2022 list of buildings closed Dec/Jan* We, the Commission staff, have shown (and continue to show) outstanding flexibility, especially during the recent crises: whether that’s the pandemic and the lockdowns, war in Ukraine, energy resources or skyrocketing inflation. In spite of all this and the exceptional workload these crises created for many DGs, staff made every possible effort to continue to deliver business continuity in the interest of the European people we serve.  Continue reading High time for the Commission to show flexibility!

Internal competitions: AST/SC2, AST2, AD6, 7, 9, 12

Generation 2004 in cooperation with the company YSE will offer a  workshop-webinar on the application process for internal competitions  (AST/SC2, AST2, AD6, AD7, AD9, AD12). We will focus on practical aspects of the application, work experience requirements, tips for the talent for those competitions which have it and the most common mistakes done by the candidates.   At the end, micros will be open for your questions. Continue reading Internal competitions: AST/SC2, AST2, AD6, 7, 9, 12

Staff Committee Elections in Luxembourg – please vote!

*Thank you Luxembourg! The elections are over! You reached the quorum! Thanks! Results published 07.12.2022.*

Voting has started in Luxembourg for the elections to the local staff committee (LSC), this is your local staff representative parliament. Each of the 5 lists on the ballot is either an OSP or a grouping of OSPs. Each list is a bit like political parties or groupings in national elections and parliaments. If you have not voted yet, please check our guide to vote video. Of course, Generation 2004 is participating in these elections – we are list 5. If you know our work AND you consider that this is enough information for you to vote for us, please go ahead. At which point we wish you a nice day and you can stop reading 🙂 Continue reading Staff Committee Elections in Luxembourg – please vote!

Phone lines: the option exists!

*Update 07.03.2024: all contact numbers below have been replaced with just one contact number.*

Original article: Our manifesto wish  came true: we now have a direct phone number for HR to complement those which already exist for the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS) and the Office for the Administration and Payment of Individual Entitlements (PMO). Continue reading Phone lines: the option exists!

Follow-up special DGT meeting

*Update 14.03.2023 DGT staff meeting Luxembourg 09.03.2023 the acting DG stated that the only element of standby duty which is voluntary (yes, this there is a bit of mental gymnastics in a duty being voluntary) is that the translator has some flexibility in the choice of week. That is, this is official confirmation of what was stated in the 2019 Central Staff Committee note 18/12/2019 (2019)7798989: ‘The scheme is ‘voluntary’ in that it is stated that staff are not obliged to be on standby. In practice staff report that they feel obliged to ‘volunteer’ in order to share the burden with colleagues.’ Note also that compensation is ‘up to middle managers'(Article 55(3) requires a more detailed system than this.**Update 19.12.2022, congratulations on finishing the Permanent Delegation of Translators (DPT) elections and we note with concern the suggested plan to fit Brussels DGT staff to the available space in any new building, as opposed to finding a building to fit the number of staff.* Continue reading Follow-up special DGT meeting

Incorrect Sysper sick leave warning message: you asked, we acted!

Everyone knows the first 3 days of sick leave don’t require a certificate, right? If you are off for longer then yes, you need a certificate. Those first days can be used to wait and see whether you get better or even just to try to organise an appointment with your GP in order to have their opinion on your options: sometimes getting an appointment can take some time! So, yes, sick leave without a certificate which subsequently becomes sick leave with a certificate is not unusual ( 3 days without + x days with = good). Though note that the medical service can still check in with you as they wish. Continue reading Incorrect Sysper sick leave warning message: you asked, we acted!

Use it or lose it at the Commission

*Update 30.08.2023: opaque and short-notice permanent closure of (well-used) childcare facilities at Grange site* *Update 13.03.2023 here is the presentation on hotdesking from our 10.03.2023 event.* *Here’s our collaborative note to HR on the topic of the building policy (12.12.2022) and on the topic of the North Light building in Brussels(10.02.2023).* Original article: Use your own allocated desk as much as possible, or you might find yourself soon in hot-desking (or as the Commission calls it, a ‘dynamic’ environment). In fact, this non-optimal use of workstations was the reasoning used as a basis to move colleagues to hot-desking environments of the most extreme type – large open-plan office space with no assigned desks, where furniture, individual storage space and quiet rooms are reduced to the bare minimum. Continue reading Use it or lose it at the Commission

An update on workplace bullying and harassment

*Feedback on our event: thanks to the colleague who provided the link to the Politico article on the EESCany delays in addressing harassment complaints were only to better help staff.‘: it looks like there are toxic environments throughout the institutions. We will follow up with another event in the near future. Here is the link to the HWN presentation.* Have you ever been harassed? Or have you ever had the impression you might be harassed? Have you ever witnessed something that didn’t sit right with you and didn’t know what to do? What exactly is harassment or bullying? Note that in the Commission the terms ‘bullying’ and ‘harassment’ are used to mean the same thing: an often-present phenomenon in all personal, educational and professional contexts. Continue reading An update on workplace bullying and harassment

Nine months on, what’s happening with the 12 actions for Luxembourg?

*Update 13.03.2023 non-Luxembourg nationals, please register to vote in the June municipal elections!*

*Update 19.02.2023, the latest Corporate Management Board minutes make no mention of the 12 actions. We’ve asked about it in the comments.* *Update 16.01.2023 the Caisse Nationale de Santé (CNS) has shared a hospital tariff list. Here are the PMO contact details for follow-up questions.*

In September 2022 it was announced that ‘progress was made‘ on the 12 actions proposed in March 2022 by the Heads of Administration (Chefs d’Administration) of EU institutions and bodies based in Luxembourg (CALux) to address the difficulties of recruiting staff. So, 9 months on, let’s look at the achievements declared. As ever, we check the sources; in this case, the minutes of the 29.09.2022 meeting (point 4) for the details: updates in italics. Continue reading Nine months on, what’s happening with the 12 actions for Luxembourg?