Promotion/reclassification exercises 2022

As happens every year, the promotion (officials) and reclassification (contract agents) exercises end with the publication of the final lists (officials and Contract Agents). The list for local agents in Delegations and Representations is normally published around 4 working days later. If your name is on the list you will be promoted/reclassified (changes will be visible in your December 2022 payslip (together with the 4.5% salary increase backdated to July 2022)) and Generation 2004 would like to warmly congratulate you.

However, if all of the following are true then you may still file an Article 90 complaint.

  1. your name is not on the final list,
  2. you were eligible,
  3. you believe you deserve promotion/reclassification
  4. you appealed your non-inclusion in the draft list in June.

The deadline for sending a complaint is 3 months for the date of publication and the Generation 2004 team are ready to assist you in this endeavour: if you need help please check out our promotion and reclassification templates. Feel free to contact us! (note that we expect to respond in early December).

Although we describe this process as an endeavour you can find some (though not a lot) of success stories (Indomitable spirit. Taking on the institutions and winning!).

The 2023 appraisal and reclassification exercises will start almost immediately after the Christmas/New year break. The official timetable will appear here when published. As an indicator, in 2022 the deadline for the signature of the self assessment was 18 January, with reclassification generally 2 weeks later.  Here is our guide on drafting your 2023 text and remember we’re here to help!

See our take on how the promotions system works, an explanation of our position and related articles.

For the HR explanation here are the staff matters links: promotion/reclassification.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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