Newsletter – 2023-01-27

Newsletter editorial – 09-01-2023

Welcome to the second Generation 2004 Newsletter of 2023. In the last 2 weeks we have assisted 274 colleagues with their evaluation text and we’re still here if you need us! That first promotion/reclassification  event was attended by 967 colleagues (a new record!) and we now follow-up with a lunchtime event on how to increase your chances of getting a promotion/reclassification (Monday 30 January). Here, the focus is on explaining the next steps in the process and we thank all of the colleagues who provided information to enable us to fill the gaps in our table.

Please don’t miss out on your rights! You have until Tuesday 31 January to request the transfer of more than 12 days of annual leave. We are deeply disappointed to see that the sysper automation  has not (yet) happened. Please also note that the annual medical check-up remains working time, in spite of the recent changes.

We continue to ask for your assistance in our ongoing follow-up survey on utilities costs.

So, that’s it for this this edition, thanks to all of you for your support, ideas and feedback: please keep it coming!

Take care, stay healthy and enjoy reading!

The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

*Update 03.03.2023 clarification of the changes announced for mid-February: all tests previously covered by «bons roses»[**]  are now to be done via the health screening programme in order to be reimbursed at 100%.*

We start with some context: the annual medical check-up, that obligation that is not generally enforced, is done by only around 1/3 of staff [1]. Why might this be? Well, cost is an issue: while the check-up itself and associated laboratory tests are normally reimbursed at 100%, anything stemming from that check-up (‘diagnostic examinations’ or ‘additional treatments’, for example) will be reimbursed in the normal way (85% up to set ceilings which may or may not correspond to reality, we hear you Luxembourg [2]). Continue reading The annual medical check-up: the ‘new normal’

How to increase your chances to get a promotion/reclassification in 2023?

Please find here the recording of the 2023 conference, and its slides.

The promotion/reclassification process is not particularly user-friendly. It’s not always clear how DGs choose who to reward, nor why some years appear to be better than others. There are situations suggesting that  some staff are less favoured, while some staff are evaluated as ‘not applicable’, regardless of how well they work. Continue reading How to increase your chances to get a promotion/reclassification in 2023?

More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2022?

*Deadline is Tuesday 31 January 2023*

*18.01.2023, we are deeply disappointed to see that the sysper automation has not (yet) happened. Please don’t miss out! Request those days! We have written an updated note for HR asking for their estimated timeline for this agreed automation.*

Dear colleagues, we wish you a happy and healthy start to 2023 and ask for your help! We are unable to verify whether our requested sysper change has been implemented.  If you were off sick for 20 work days or more as one absence in 2022 then you are entitled to transfer all of your annual leave (yes, >12 days, in this specific case it is a right), can you please check whether the days have been added to your 2023 quota (automation, yipee!) or whether the usual temporary button is present in sysper? If the button is there then please use it: it expires 31.01.2023 and it then becomes more complicated (but not impossible!) to recover these days. Continue reading More than 12 days of annual leave remaining from 2022?