Newsletter editorial – 19-11-2020

Welcome to the Generation 2004 Newsletter of 19 November 2020. And to week 36 of telework for most of us.  

A lot has happened  since our last instalment: the promotions and reclassification lists were published on Thursday 12 November, congratulations to those with happy news and for those who are less than happy, check out  for the options still open to you (you have until 11 February to act). On the topic of promotions, we address the selective amnesia on display from our peers on our continued abstention from the final vote of the joint promotions committee to endorse the flawed promotions system. 

We also show how you can apply the recently-published Eurostat yearly salary update to your salary and have a rough idea of how much is due to you. Also on the topic of money, the Commission has announced that it will contribute to the costs of purchasing a screen and/or office chair: check out  on how the just-published reimbursement process 

The modernisation of HR is still in our sights, this time from the point of view of non-permanent staff  who provide examples of where to start making the institutions a better place to work for all of us. Our Petition in support of Contract Agents is open until Friday 27 November. Walso provide information on the extended deadline for local agents to agree new conditions: the implications of this and what has to happen next. DG HR announced that we can telework pre-Christmas for a week from abroad[1], and we’d still like your opinion on this being made more permanent. Our survey on teleworking from outside the place of employment is open until Friday  27 November: participate! let us hear what works for you! 

Finally, we have a look at a recent CJEU Brexit/second nationality case, debunk an office urban legend in the process, while showing that the kind words of June 2016 were just that, kind words. 

[1] This was increased to 2 weeks on 20.11.2020: p.7, Point 5.1b: ‘Staff may be authorised by their line manager to telework from abroad as of 10 December and until the start of the end-of-year period of the Commission (24 December)’.

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