Things to check before holidays start (Tips)

Although at the moment you are most probably in full trying-to-find-one-last-gift mode (good luck with that!), there are perhaps some other things worth checking before your well-deserved Christmas and New Year holiday leave.

If you meet the criteria, submit your request to be vaccinated against COVID-19 as soon as it is available: the deadline is 15 January 2021.

Check whether you’ve submitted all your requests for reimbursement: it’ll take a while to receive the money in your account and the sooner you submit the files, the better.

Medical reimbursement

Remember that if you receive the seasonal-flu vaccination via your own GP you have the right for 100% reimbursement of both the vaccine itself and the visit to the GP. There is a special option in the Joint Sickness Insurance Scheme (JSIS)/RCAM [Régime Commun d’Assurance Maladie] online reimbursement site:

Create a request>Reimbursements>Request type>Standard reimbursement>Next>Expense/treatment detail: Seasonal flu vaccination costs as mentioned on the JSIS site.

And if you have already submitted the reimbursement request and did not use that codification, let the JSIS know via Staff Matters portal (by clicking the ‘Contact PMO’ little envelope in the top right-hand corner) and let our PMO colleagues fix it for you. There are also some slots available in January to be receive the seasonal-flu vaccination via the medical service [1]: book now!

Equipment reimbursement

Before you close your kitchen-table home office for this year, don’t forget that you have until 31 December [2] to purchase a new chair and monitor to make your home-office life easier and have the Commission contribute to the costs. If you bought either of these items after 9 March you can also take advantage of this offer.

Go to JSIS/RCAM: Create a request>Reimbursements>Request type>Medical service (annual medical check-up, glasses for working on a computer, office chair / screen).

You have until 31 January to submit the reimbursement request [2].

More than 12 days of annual leave remaining

For those of you with surplus days of annual leave: check out the viable reasons for requesting that these days be added to your 2021 quota. Unfortunately this process is not automatic, even where you’ve been sick for 20 days or more, so don’t miss out! It’s not a complicated process and, in addition to sick leave, covers those whose COVID‑19 workload has meant that taking annual leave was not a possibility. (See section ‘If you have more than 12 days of annual leave remaining for 2020’.)

The button to click in Sysper2 (when it becomes available):

Time management>leave rights>rights>Annual leave>Summary and click on the button ‘Leave carry-over request’: insert your comment to justify your request.

Note that the deadline for these requests is 31 January.

Family allowances and part-time

Last but not least. Just to remind you that if you are a couple with a child/children and both of you work for the institutions and one of you is working part-time, check with your payment office who gets the family allowances during that part-time period. It might be that due to a part-time working arrangement (if the one working part-time is the one receiving the family allowances) that the family allowances decrease in line with the reduction in salary. It might be seen better, even if only temporary, to arrange for the allowances to go to the partner who woks full-time. Please ask the Office for the Administration and Payment of Individual Entitlements (PMO) first to check whether your particular circumstances make this possible before making any changes. Use PMO Contact for doing this.

[1] The general  myintracomm flu website suggests that this may be true for Brussels only:

The Influenza Vaccination Campaign will be reopened for Brussels staff on 11th of January for a period of 2 weeks.

While the 31.12.2020 Coronavirus: Communication to Commission staff – Update 27 mentions no such restriction. 15.1.2021 confirmed as Brussels only.

[2] 31.12.2020 these deadlines were extended: purchase deadline is now 31 January 2021 (inclusive) and the deadline for submitting the claim for reimbursement 15 February (midnight, Brussels time). (Source: Coronavirus: Communication to Commission staff – Update 27).

As always, if you have questions or comments, feel free to contact us.

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