Need to design a modern HR policy? Please start with the most evident modifications!

Generation 2004 strongly believes that a professional and efficient public administration implies competent, motivated and impartial civil servants working in a system dedicated to serving the public interest. However, while it may be relatively easy to of a merit-based civil service in conceptual terms, it is much more difficult to define the ways and means of putting it in practice. If anyone has any doubts about this, then Generation 2004 suggests that any doubtful minds consults.

Fair and merit-based reclassification rates (official average number of years in each grade (‘bracket’))

The annual promotion (for officials) and reclassification (for CAs) exercise, as a clear reward by the hierarchy, brings to light an enormous gap between the officials’ world and the CAs’ reality in the same EU institution. Currently, criteria and the procedure for both reclassification and promotion exercises are the same; however, the time spent in the grade for staff in each category is completely divergent! For example:

-for function group I, grade 2 (FGI2), the average time is 8 years, the bracket being between 6 and 10 years,

-for FGII4, the average time is 3 years, the bracket being between 3 and 5 years.

As a result, Generation 2004 pledges to make the career progression paths for CAs like the promotion exercise for officials. Considering there is no need to open the Staff Regulation to do this; the administration could immediately implement some technical measures in order to improve CAs’ career development and to ensure

Screening based on tasks performed in the service

Regular internal competitions for CAs based on professional experience and education

Generation 2004 underlines the general need to retain talented and well-performing staff members in order to ensure the new HR strategy objectives:  ‘how we intend to attract, retain and develop our staff in line with the organisation’s objectives, and how we intend to create the right conditions for staff to grow, thrive and deliver’.

Given the current situation of CAs, Generation 2004 deplores the enormous disparity in the working conditions between colleagues working together in different staff categories at the same EU institution and doing the same job! Consequently, Generation 2004 invites all colleagues that are sensitive to injustice to sign our petition [1], which will be submitted to the European Parliament in order to defend the rights of contract staff in the EU institutions.

As always, if you have questions, feel free to contact us.

[1]This petition closed 27.11.2020 with 1 415 signatures. We will link to an article here when it is ready.

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