2023 where are we now?

The Luxembourg local staff committee (LSC) elections ended 6 December to be closely followed by elections in Petten, France and the EEAS staff committee (not to be confused with Outside the Union (CLP-HU))

Six of the eight LSCs  had their 3-yearly elections in the last 18 months (Geel, Karlsruhe, CLP-HU,  Ispra/Seville, Brussels and Luxembourg). Having so many elections together is due to the Covid pandemic delaying various elections and so those elections happened closer together than would be normal, a situation which may well repeat when their 3-year terms come to an end.

Two local staff committee (LSC) elections to come

The elections in Paris were to happen at the end of 2021. For the time being we do not have any list of candidates yet. If you would like to represent us in France, do not hesitate to reach out to us.

One non-LSC election to come



  • Luxembourg (November/December 2022) Here are the results
    • Thank you for placing your trust in us! This has been a remarkable election. It has:
        • finished on time, meeting the original deadline without any need for an extension (phew!),
        • resulted in a woman-led pair as the most elected: the first time anyone can remember this happening in Luxembourg,
        • given us the highest share of the votes we have ever achieved in Luxembourg, 26.36% of the vote
        • given us the highest number of seats we’ve ever had in Luxembourg 6 out of 20 seats.

 This result is even more meaningful in this, a very special year: we are celebrating our 10-year anniversary: yes, this is only our fourth round of elections. Look how far we’ve come: we’re now not only the youngest and biggest  in the Commission overall: with the 2022 Luxembourg local staff committee election results we’re now the biggest here too.

Thanks to everyone who organised and everyone who participated in these elections, we could not do it without you!

Where do we (re)start work? Right here.


We had a full list for the LSC elections in Ispra/Seville and we won 5 of the 21 seats: this was a great result! Thanks everyone!

We had a full list of diverse, geographically and gender-balanced candidates including all staff categories. We won 3 of the 14 seats, making history here! Thanks to everyone who voted!

  • Karlsruhe (October 2021) Another historical moment!

For the first time, Generation 2004 ran in Karlsruhe. Here, we also submitted a full list of 12 gender and geographically-balanced candidates representing various staff categories. In today’s elections 12 candidates will be elected.  We got 34% of the votes cast: well done, Karlsruhe team! This translates to 1 full member out of a potential 8 and 1 alternate/backup out of a potential 4.

  • Geel (July 2021) We made history here!

We wrote history in Geel! 6 out of 14 Generation 2004 candidates were elected to the LSC, which makes a representativity of 33.6%. Since the other 8 elected members are all independent, Generation 2004 is the only staff organisation represented in Geel. Thanks to the support of the Geel staff, we can collectively intervene on issues which are out of the mandate of the local committee. It is clear that our voice will be stronger. If you need any support, you can directly contact the elected members: please get in touch!

Why is it important to take part in elections?

This is your moment as Commission employees to influence the changes taking place in the Commission. When you take part in LSC elections you choose the elected representatives who speak for you in negotiations with HR on various aspects of YOUR Commission life – particularly your working conditions. We, the staff representatives, work on subjects ranging from the rights and privileges of all of us, our health insurance, careers, promotions, the New HR Strategy, Teleworking from abroad, Decision on Working Time, internal competitions, canteens, retirement, and so on.  In brief, your involvement has an impact and the positions the staff representatives defend should be in line with your values and opinions.

Ideally the OSP lists of those standing for election should be representative: there should be people there from all function groups and categories, from all family situations, from all age groups and abilities. In an ideal world, those on each list would also have experience among them of working in a wide variety of DGs and of careers (i.e. from pre and post 2004 and 2014 staff regulations reforms).

The elected representatives negotiate, give positions and take part in the Social Dialogue with the Commission. We regularly discuss issues raised in the 8 LSCs and some of us are also sent to discuss issues at the Central Staff Committee, where only a limited number of elected representatives participate.  Staff representatives are members of different committees such as the Committee on Equal Opportunities (COPEC) or the Joint Promotion Committees (JPCs) AST-SC/AST/AD where we negotiate with HR and provide feedback on their proposals. We are also there to help when you feel that the rules have perhaps not been applied correctly, you want someone to advise on how to respond to a difficult set of circumstances or you want to appeal your non promotion/reclassification. We represent you and we’re here for you!

As always, we would love to hear from you. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us or leave a comment below.

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