Your career matters to us – Answer the Survey & help us help you!

Are you an assistant (AST), secretary/clerk (AST/SC)[1], Contract Agent (CA) or Temporary agent (TA)?
As the representative body for all staff, it is our mission to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed choices and to ensure that your expertise, roles, and opportunities for growth are recognised and valued in a fair and equitable manner. 

We have received many testimonies stating that: 

  • Many of you have faced discrimination and obstacles that have hindered your career advancement 
  • The lack of fast and concrete actions from the Commission to address your career issues affects your motivation and well-being.  

Therefore, we decided to launch a survey for colleagues in the abovementioned staff categories, on job satisfaction, career and learning & development opportunities.  It  will help us gather reliable facts and figures and gain a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape. We will be better equipped to present convincing arguments to push for meaningful change during future negotiations with the Administration. 

 Your contribution to this survey is crucial to help us help you! 

[*] Yes, this is a misnomer, this function group includes e.g. close protection officers (CPOs) and drivers.

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