Newsletter – 2023-10-10

Newsletter editorial – 10-10-2023

Welcome to this tenth edition of the Generation 2004 newsletter. We give you an update on the closure of the childcare facilities at Grange and on whether the proposed increase in paternity leave provision (with a catch) is really what we asked for. This links to the recent development of Member States ‘gifting’ of pension contributions to individuals during periods of economic inactivity (e.g. caring responsibilities) and we share with you why the institutions are a little behind the times on this topic. HR appears to have agreed to open internal competitions to those who have the qualifications and experience, without limiting them to function group, we are hopeful that this might be genuinely inclusive. We have a new survey to ask about your perception of your career prospects at the Commission, we have a look at the certification exercise and we ask you to please request your full quota of 10 TWA days: show that they are useful!

That’s it now for now! Enjoy the reading and get in touch if you believe we can help!

Event: certification – mission (nearly) impossible

The 2023/24 certification exercise has been launched, your have sent your applications (the deadline was 06.10.2023 at 23.59) and it’s now time to start preparing for the first interview,  without yet knowing whether you’ll even have one. Many assistants (ASTs) are optimistic about being among the 50 Commission ASTs who will get onto the certification programme this year, even if it’s their first attempt. It’s a long journey and rather opaque one: that optimism will help! Continue reading Event: certification – mission (nearly) impossible

Please use your 10 days of teleworking from outside the place of employment!

*Update 19.10.2023 use of TWA days figures added.* *Update 11.10.2023 the section on the IDOC report was clarified.* Original article: If you still haven’t used up all your days of teleworking from anywhere (TWA)[*] do not forget to file the request in Sysper as soon as possible. Here’s how to do it. We know of no plans to extend the validity of the 2023 days beyond the end-of-year deadline (the 2021 days could be used until 15.01.2022). Please at least request your full 2023 quota of days, even if you’re not 100% sure that you’ll use them: HR is looking at how many days are left over. Continue reading Please use your 10 days of teleworking from outside the place of employment!

Breaking Barriers: AST/SC colleagues may change function group?

*Update 21.11.2023: The AST competition which will be open to AST/SC colleagues is to be published in December. Follow all internal competitions here.* Original article: While we are thrilled to announce that our efforts have contributed to the announcement by DG HR, that in future, colleagues might have the opportunity to change function groups through internal competitions, it remains to be seen whether this inclusiveness is genuine or something which exists in theory only.  The wording of the announcement is for movement ‘within each function group’ but it does also mention specialised competitions which might include a ‘wider mix of staff categories and function groups’; a measured success.

Continue reading Breaking Barriers: AST/SC colleagues may change function group?

Your career matters to us – Answer the Survey & help us help you!

Are you an assistant (AST), secretary/clerk (AST/SC)[1], Contract Agent (CA) or Temporary agent (TA)?
As the representative body for all staff, it is our mission to ensure that you have the information you need to make informed choices and to ensure that your expertise, roles, and opportunities for growth are recognised and valued in a fair and equitable manner. 

Continue reading Your career matters to us – Answer the Survey & help us help you!

5 more days for parents, with a catch …

*Update 06.12.2023: the Health and well-being Action plan 2022-2025 also gives an implementation date of 2023 for this ‘special leave to enhance equal sharing of responsibility for a new-born or a newly adopted child’, nevertheless sysper is still showing only 10 days. We will follow-up on this. Context: note we sent to HR (23.10.2023) and the response received 22.11.2023. We plan to follow up on this in early 2024.* Continue reading 5 more days for parents, with a catch …

One more pension pitfall, or how the Commission fails to keep up

*Update 11.10.2023: we have added details on how national systems deal with time in EU service and also on military service: many thanks to the colleagues who highlighted these situations to us. It is much appreciated.* Original article: It’s been some time now (in many cases decades) since it became possible to have pension contributions made on your behalf in many Member States while you are not working. These ‘gifted’ contributions might cover periods of long-term sickness, of unemployment, military service[1] or of caring responsibilities, depending on the national authority. Continue reading One more pension pitfall, or how the Commission fails to keep up

Grange childcare follow up

*Update 06.12.2023: here are building closures and alternatives in Brussels, but we don’t (yet) see equivalent information for other places of work e.g. Grange or Luxembourg. Remember you have the right to work from the office 100% if you so wish (and you are prepared for the temperatures there).* Continue reading Grange childcare follow up