Eismea: when better becomes worse

The situation at the European Innovation Council and SMEs Executive Agency (Eismea)[1] is no bedtime story – staff reductions, reorganisation, unfinished offices, a car park which is unsafe for bikes[2], and where most of the parking spots remain occupied with bulky office furniture, platoons of builders roaming the building without displaying identification: a fundamental requirement under the current alert level to which all Commission buildings are subject. Continue reading Eismea: when better becomes worse

When “EPSOnic” hits the iceberg

Generation 2004 held a conference on Internal and external competitions: what (legal) action to take? on the 15th of November.

You can find the recording and the  PowerPoint presentation here.

The famous story of the Titanic’s tragic sinking in 1912 serves as a haunting reminder that disasters can often be averted if warnings are heeded. Unfortunately, history seems to repeat itself, and more than a century later, we find ourselves witnessing preventable crises once again. Continue reading When “EPSOnic” hits the iceberg

Flash report on the Local Agents’ Provident Fund

The pension benefits system for local staff in Delegations (Provident Fund for Local Agents (‘PFLA‘)) has lost over 5% of its value. This means that the amount of money local agents (LA) receive at the end of their career (through employer and employee contributions) is falling. Continue reading Flash report on the Local Agents’ Provident Fund

Annual salary update 2023 

*Update 17.11.2023, many of you got in touch to mention the end of the solidarity levy. Unfortunately, this is extremely unlikely to happen, but we do always appreciate your input, please continue to send us your ideas and sources thanks!*

Original article: The news is out, Eurostat has published its report on the 2023 annual update and the residual salary update amounts to +1.0%, after the intermediate update from June.  This is far better than what we had hoped for, so this good news. Continue reading Annual salary update 2023 

Language choice in EPSO competitions – beware the consequences of automatic translation

*16.11.2023, thanks to the colleague who confirmed that the disinformation/misinformation issue outlined in footnote 1 has since been fixed.* Original article: For some time already, EPSO is moving towards monolingualism: we are seeing  competitions that are by-and-large English-only. This appears to completely disregard the 16.02.2023 outcome of the EPSO case where the Court of Justice confirmed the unlawfulness of artificially restricting the choice of the second language of competitions to 3 languages: English, French and German. Continue reading Language choice in EPSO competitions – beware the consequences of automatic translation

New guide for Mission: Impossible

Going on business travel soon? Beware, it could become Mission: Impossible!

Generation 2004 is currently negotiating the new draft mission guide tabled by the administration, and we believe that the proposed changes to mission rules create additional burden for the mission performer that is simply unacceptable. Continue reading New guide for Mission: Impossible

Commission Representations rotate anticlockwise?

One of the advantages of working for a European institution is the possibility it offers to make a career doing different jobs in different countries … at least in theory. The colleagues working in a Commission Representation in a Member State need a rather unique combination of policy, operational and linguistic skills that can make such posts hard to fill. Continue reading Commission Representations rotate anticlockwise?

Welcome to the Hotel Commission

*Update 23.11.2023, thanks to the colleagues who shared their ideas on this situation, we have added their observations below.*

Original article: Luxembourg is a great place to work,  you just have to find somewhere to live first! In its increasingly desperate attempts to do nothing of substance (12 actions for Luxembourg, for example), while still claiming to be working on increasing the attractivity of Luxembourg as a workplace, the Commission now seems to have resorted to the roadmap set out in a classic song. Continue reading Welcome to the Hotel Commission

Feeling desperate in hotdesking? Just bring a dog!

*Update 06.12.2023 we don’t see the proposed HR evaluation published yet, if you find it please send us the link.**24.11.2023 it has come to our attention that we mentioned  ‘evaluat[ing] pets as a hitherto-untapped source of heat’ as a joke in an article on cold offices in October 2022. We made many outrageous suggestions in that article: watch out for any others appearing soon in an office near you – eek!* Continue reading Feeling desperate in hotdesking? Just bring a dog!

Generation 2004 meets staff in EU Delegations 24.10.2023

*Update 27.10.2023.  Please find the presentation on Mobility for CA in delegations and the Decision on Working Time and Time Management, shared with you during the session on 24.10.2023. Generation 2004 is here for you, regardless of where you are! We would like to invite you to our virtual meeting to discuss all matters Delegations on Tuesday 24.10.2023. Please participate in any of our three conferences: 9:00–10:30, 12:30-14:00 or 18:00-19:30 (all times are CEST/Brussels time). See practical details further below). Check out our corresponding EEAS and Outside the Union articles and get your questions ready! Continue reading Generation 2004 meets staff in EU Delegations 24.10.2023