Farewell UK, and thanks for all the stress…

In 1973, when the United Kingdom (UK) was about to join the EU, Yogi Berra, a famous American Baseball star coined the phrase: “It ain’t over till it’s over.” Today, just a few days after the UK has effectively left the Union, the same may be said of Brexit.There is still a plethora of Brexit related topics to be solved in the near future and, perhaps, even in years to come. As we said back in 2016, Brexit can last for years and, if on one side this prediction was confirmed – 3.5 years have passed since the June 2016 referendum – on the other hand it looks like this will continue to be the case. Continue reading Farewell UK, and thanks for all the stress…

Positive change at the Brussels Local Staff Committee

Last December, Generation 2004 reported on the malfunctioning of the Brussels Local Staff Committee (LSC). As stated, at the 11 February 2020 LSC plenary session we eventually proposed a motion of censure to call for a vote of no confidence.
We are glad to announce that shortly after our intervention the President of the LSC resigned from the post with immediate effect.
Generation 2004 finds it very unfortunate that during the last few months, the situation at the LSC Brussels became so critical that DG HR took the spontaneous decision to appoint an observer to the LSC plenary sessions. An unprecedented move in staff representation history, which will hopefully end when a new president is elected.
As usual, Generation 2004 will conference with all other elected members and constructively discuss the way forward towards the proper functioning of this very important body. We have proven during the 2015-2018 mandate of the LSC how well it can and should perform for the good of Brussels staff.

Generation 2004 is hiring a Secretary at the European Commission in Brussels

For our daily work ‘For the many, not the few’ Generation 2004 employs a team of committed and hardworking colleagues.

If you are a Contract Agent FG II you can join this team, as Generation 2004 is hiring for its headquarters in Brussels a full-time secretary. If you are not eligible but you know someone that is and that you believe could be interested in the job, please feel free to let the person know. Continue reading Generation 2004 is hiring a Secretary at the European Commission in Brussels

The promotion exercice of 2020 is on!

DG HR has just announced the start of the 2020 promotions exercise.

The annual promotion decisions are taken by the Appointing Authority (AIPN), on the basis of 1) proposals by each DG; 2) recommendations by a Joint Promotion Committee (JPC).

DGs and JPCs must determine who deserves a promotion on the basis of a comparison of merits. All officials take part in the appraisal exercise. But only those who are eligible for promotion, i.e. have been in the grade for at least 2 years take part in the promotion exercise. Continue reading The promotion exercice of 2020 is on!

2020 Appraisal and Promotion exercises Conference

2020 is fast approaching and with it are the Appraisal and Promotion exercises. It is crucial to understand these important administrative processes because they dictate how your career will progress.

Generation 2004 organises a conference to explain these two processes and offer tips on how to prepare your self-assessment and your one-on-one interview with your reporting officer. Continue reading 2020 Appraisal and Promotion exercises Conference

2020 Annual Leave in Delegations

On 4 December 2018 a sweeping ruling of the  European Court of Justice deemed Article 6 of Annex X of the Staff Regulations illegal. The said article, changed at the occasion of the 2014 Staff Regulations reform, reduced the annual leave of colleagues in Delegations to bring it in line with everyone else. The ruling was made on grounds of the health and safety of staff who, most times isolated in remote corners of the world, needs extra time to travel back home and rest with their family and friends. Continue reading 2020 Annual Leave in Delegations

On the functioning of the Brussels LSC

As you may know, Generation 2004 scored highest in the last Brussels local staff committee elections with 30% of votes. It was not only a big surprise to the administration, but foremost to the other trade unions. Despite the huge gain in votes and representativeness and due to preferential votes to smaller trade unions, G2004 did not obtain due number of seats in the Local Staff Committee Brussels (LSC). The new President Continue reading On the functioning of the Brussels LSC

The new booking tool NEO – Sustainable travel?

On 1 July 2019, the Commission launched a new online booking tool called NEO. The goal is to help staff in booking their missions. In practice, NEO is the furthest thing from offering sustainable travel.

First things first. In theory, you see options of logging in and choosing between air and rail transport. In practice, the search function finds a considerable number of train stations, available for selection. However, for many, if not most of these train stations, NEO does not offer any rail connections whatsoever, which leaves us wondering why this is the case. Continue reading The new booking tool NEO – Sustainable travel?

Social Dialogue in the Executive Agencies: State of play

Several rounds of bilateral discussions were held over the last few months between the Directors of the six Executive Agencies (EAs) and the EC Trade Unions (TUs); and, between the Staff Committees (SCs) of the EAs and the EC TUs with the objective of paving the way for the introduction of the long-awaited social dialogue. On 19th June, representatives of all three groups of stakeholders (EAs Directors, EAs’ SCs; and, EC TUs) sat around the same table for the first time, although EAs’ SCs were invited only as observers and at the very last minute. Continue reading Social Dialogue in the Executive Agencies: State of play