solidarity levy

Council request to further reduce spending on staff

*Update 20.07.2022[1], the Commission has stated its intention to defend Commission staff purchasing power when it responds to the Council in September 2022. It will also undertake a risk assessment/study as per ECA Special report no 15/2019 Recommendation 3.*

Generation 2004 is studying the Council of the European Union Budget Committee statement (13.07.2022). We are gathering information and preparing a formal response. In this statement, the Council requests that the Commission further reduce its staff spending and suggests a number of means to arrive at this aim, many of which directly impact the take-home pay of staff and therefore also the attractiveness of the EU civil service as a whole. We expect the Commission to outline its response 20.07.2022 and will provide updates here on our site. Continue reading Council request to further reduce spending on staff

MFF: Next Generation on a shoestring?

Contrary to any basic common-sense consideration, the Commission is launching its grand plans to kick-start the European economy and strengthen the EU project as a whole in the aftermath of the Coronavirus crisis while, at the same time, proposing astonishing budgetary cuts that will affect the staff that is supposed to implement such plans. Continue reading MFF: Next Generation on a shoestring?

Commissioner Oettinger on taxation of EU Officials

Last month, in her reply to President Emanuel Macron’s address Pour une Renaissance européenne (also in English at the site), CDU’s leader Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer (AKK) mentioned the need to end anachronisms and called for taxation of EU officials… This prompted an immediate reaction from Commissioner Oettinger who came out in the defence of staff and reminded Mrs. AKK that EU officials DO PAY taxes and, on top of it, they also pay a Special Solidarity Levy of 6 to 7%. Continue reading Commissioner Oettinger on taxation of EU Officials

Brexit news for British staff

There will be no forced resignations (FR) of UK officials who lose their EU citizenship when the UK leaves the EU, or hardly any, according to a decision from the Commission just published.  So thanks to the College for that, and no doubt a great relief for those British colleagues fortunate enough to have a permanent contract.

But what about temporary and contract agents?   Sadly  the Commission only promises  “d’effectuer une analyse au cas par cas afin d’autoriser des exceptions dûment justifiées à l’exigence de nationalité prévue par le régime applicable aux autres agents’- and – ‘ à conclure des contrats qui fassent un usage généreux et transparent de cette possibilité de dérogation”.   Judging by the ‘generosity’ previously shown towards staff on all matters contractual this is hardly reassuring. Continue reading Brexit news for British staff