Newsletter – 2021-11-17

Newsletter editorial – 17-11-2021

Welcome to this latest edition of the Generation 2004 newsletter. We announce the annual salary adjustment, provide updates on the current situation and future developments with the canteens and take a look at what’s happening with the greening of the Commission. We’ve organised several (virtual) meetings with different groups over the next few days, please come along!  The working time and hybrid working rules FAQs now incorporates updates from the last meeting and one of our members is making history by challenging the publishing of a post at AST/SC level when it should be a higher level.  The Promotion/reclassification exercises 2021 has officially ended, but if you appealed and were unsuccessful, we can help you with an Article 90 complaint.  We offer training for those transitioning towards retirement. We also discuss the mediation service annual report showing fewer cases: is this something to be celebrated or an incomplete picture?

Enjoy the reading and, as usual, let us know if we can help with anything!

Position paper on canteens, cafeterias and water

Generation 2004 is aware of the difficulties the pandemic has imposed on the canteen staff and facilities and appreciates the contrast in simultaneously welcoming the gradual re-opening of canteens and cafeterias in Brussels while canteens in Luxembourg begin to require a Covid certificate (for sit-in, not for take away [1][2], from 1 November). Continue reading Position paper on canteens, cafeterias and water

‘Balance’ or walking a tightrope? Greening the Commission

In the context of the recent COP26 in Glasgow, where it is stated that 197 countries reached a ‘’balanced’ agreement’, we give you an update on the latest social dialogue on greening the Commission: reaching climate neutrality by 2030. Generation 2004 already raised many of these issues in October 2020 and requested a social dialogue then.  Continue reading ‘Balance’ or walking a tightrope? Greening the Commission

Annual Salary Adjustment 2021 +1.9%

*Update 18.11.2021: this includes Contract Agents and this will be paid in December, thanks to everyone who got in touch!*

*Updates 19.11.2021: “Back to normal” in this case has to be interpreted as “the GDP is back to the pre-crisis level”. We have recovered some of the loss of 2020, but not all of it. We expect that we should go back to pre-crisis levels in 2022, at which point we should get the 2.5% update on top of whatever happens in 2022. [1]*

Continue reading Annual Salary Adjustment 2021 +1.9%

Stop having AST/SC staff do AST roles without the corresponding pay and potential!

Article 90(2) complaint lodged against a published post for an AST/SC financial assistant. Generation 2004 is the first and only staff representation to reveal and condemn the ongoing process of replacing non-secretary assistant (AST) staff with secretaries and clerks (AST/SC) staff. Continue reading Stop having AST/SC staff do AST roles without the corresponding pay and potential!

Promotion/reclassification exercises 2021

As you probably know, this year’s promotion (officials) and reclassification (contract agents) exercises will end with the publication of the final lists this week here (according to our information it will be on Wednesday, 10 November 2021) [1].

If your name is on the list you will be promoted/reclassified (changes will be visible in your December 2021 payslip) and Generation 2004 would like to warmly congratulate you. Continue reading Promotion/reclassification exercises 2021

Project 55+ transition towards retirement

Want to start imagining and planning your transition towards retirement – but not sure how to do it? This is no longer a destination, but a journey.

Project 55+ is a practical 5-week community experience that will help you create, discover, refine and implement your transition project, during your final years at the Commission/EU Institutions, towards a successful new beginning that is uniquely yours. Continue reading Project 55+ transition towards retirement

The ‘new normal’: is this it? FAQs 28.10.2021

*This replaces the 11.10.2021 version of this FAQs*

28.10.2021 we had one more social dialogue meeting on the latest working time and hybrid working rules. HR stated that this is the last meeting on this topic. As before, there are many questions still outstanding on how this ‘new normal’ Continue reading The ‘new normal’: is this it? FAQs 28.10.2021

Do you think harassment or bad managerial behaviour improved in 2020?

The mediation service has published its 2020 annual report showing that the number of cases reported is much lower compared to previous year(s).   One cannot help but wonder:  is that because harassment/bad managerial behaviour really improved, is it because colleagues are fed up with the ineffectiveness of the available harassment fighting procedures, or is it simply a partial story: it does not show how many cases never started because the other side refused to engage. (Yes, mediation is voluntary and the mediation service can do nothing when only one side is willing.) Continue reading Do you think harassment or bad managerial behaviour improved in 2020?